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Testing a Homebuilt Puffer Style Drywasher

frank c

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This is my 1st attempt at a video, NEVER shot one before.

Hell I never touched a computer till I was 53.

I took my 2ND Generation Olyeller drywasher prototype out for a test drive and was totally satisfied with its running and recovery this weekend.

Did my best at learning how to make a Youtube upload also.

Greg, "Live2fish" met us out there to supervise the operation and got so enthused he grabbed my pick and joined in on the initial testing. Thanks Greg, I'm gettin too old for the prolonged pick an shovel routine!!! :tisk-tisk:

I just love that ol clakety-clack of the bellows at work an less dust to put up with than a motorized blower unit.

Second Generation Ol Yeller Drywasher Test Run at Gold Basin Arizona

with Bill Serini at the shovel, his wife Gloria and Teri G. AKA (Teridible) waiting their turn as backup shovelers.

Test was started the day before this video and was a success.

Bill S. in this video has the drywasher set up on an angle to SLOW its running because he likes to have plenty of time to feed it.

When he saw it running the day before he asked if he could take it and use it the next day and this is the video from that.

I will do the next video with the machine running showing it moving the material at a faster speed because of the angle it it set at.

Heres a look see.


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Nicely done Frank! :thumbsupanim

No place to use a dry washer up here, but I would surely love to take week off sometime, drive down to AZ and spend a few days trying one out. Looks like a good time!

What's the difference in the 1st and 2nd generation units? (edit: never mind, as I found the other thread..)


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Hey that whole looks familiar. That dry-washer sure moves some dirt.

It could very easily keep up with three people moving dirt thru it.

That was my first time really seeing a puffer work and it sure is cool.

Thanks for the demo Frank

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