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Thought, I’d take a day off from cutting and stacking wood from last storm So I planned on going out detecting this morning, but it looked like it was gonna rain, so stayed home. Sitting in my easy chair watching NASCAR, I noticed woodpeckers doing a job on a snag branch from the storm. Now for you PETA people out there; the woodpeckers are hitting my house pretty good, poking holes everywhere and I don’t give a dang about them. I go for my pellet gun.

Anyway, back to story, when they land in snag, I grab the pellet gun, open the back slider, setup and shoot. By the time I get to the set up part, they’re moving on, SO- while watching the race, pellet gun loaded and ready to fire. If one lands, I pull on the cord tied to glass slider to open it and already in close to a bench position and fire. Have gotten two now with my procedure.

The neat part is after I downed the first one, it wasn’t 20 minutes and a buzzard landed on a nearby power pole. Sat there for the longest time, then swooped down and cleaned my kill.

Wouldn’t recommend this when wife is home; heck, the dogs even gone to the bathroom.

It’s a bitc- being bored! A skunk might have been more productive?



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:hahaha: Now that's funny right there! Better not let the wife see that picture Shep, you might be sleepin' with the dogs tonight! :hahaha:


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Hey Shep, That picture is hilarious :yuk-yuk: At first I thought this post was going to be about back stabbing, spot stealing, greedy detectorists or something...But its about woodpeckers and BB guns :hahaha:

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You are a good man Shep. I like you. :hahaha:

I was out on the flats at Rich Hill a few years back and put out my hummingbird feeder. :thumbsupanim The hummingbirds started coming by but so did a pair of yellow-bellied sap suckers. The sap suckers would land on the feeder and peck the sh*t out of it. :*&$*(: In doing so, they tilted the thing and spilled the sugar water on the ground. :zip-lip: The spilled sugar water drew ants and then mice. :angry-smiley-010[1]: The mice brought snakes. :yikes: After Nugget alerted me to a coontail under the RV :o I took down the bird feeder and made a special trip up to Walmart in Prescott :idea: for mouse traps and a BB gun. :evil1:

*For all you snake lovers out there, I put Nugget inside, shoo'ed the rattler out from under the RV and let him off with a verbal warning as he headed west. I figured he'd eat a few mice. :rolleyes:

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Well Done Shep don't have woodpeckers but have lots of squirrels, they are destructive and don't read the no trespass sign but my scoped 22 is at the ready....Just can't open windows at -50 LOL....Geo

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Couple weeks back it sounded like someone was knocking on the back door, and every time I looked there was nothing there. I finally figured out that the perpetrator was a Flicker Woodpecker hammering away on the rain gutter to draw attention to it so it could find a mate...it was after woodpecker nooky!..... :yikes:

I explained to him/her that even though I'm dang near deaf I can still hear, that these courting activities were getting a bit irritating, and that it would be best if he/she shut the hell up before I sicked one of my cats on their arse... :shhhhh:

Here's a pic of the little peckerhead (taken through a kitchen window):


No reason to kill him, and after getting shooed off a few times he/she never came back.

I spent too many years of my life taking critters lives, and figure I've done enough

killing. I won't draw blood on an animal today unless it was seriously threatening an

attack. If a bobcat, coyote or feral dog was chasing one of my cats then it's

toast, otherwise they all get a free pass.


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