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Uploading Meteorite Pictures, How?

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I am trying to upload pictures larger than 2 MB but no success. I see other pictures on this forum and I can't help wondering how it's done!

Do you compress the pictures, etc.? Any easy tricks?

Thank you.

Read the topic about Photobucket.


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Hi I praytofindthem,

I use paintshop pro, and I do resize them. When shrinking them, try to make them around 100k - 200k in size, but large enough to see. If you try to do sizes like 2MB, they blow up to large, and is hard for everyone to see, and it takes up a large amount of space. Hope that helps..


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There are plenty of free photo resize programs. Here's one that is on the web


either select the 800 screen size option or you can do a custom resize. I'd recommend selecting the custom option. In the box at the bottom of the window change it from percent to pixels and put 640 for the width and 480 for the height. That will make a small file and upload very nicely.

Remember Bill has to pay for storage of photos and it's nice when we all make smaller file sizes. Photobucket is great and they host it and that is the best space saver of all. PM me if you need help


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