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I went out to my shop and dusted off all my wood working equipment, I built all my oak kitchen cabinets, dinning table, and several nice oak entertainment centers and book cases. I have just about any tool needed to machine wood. I have tons of red oak lumber and some hard maple i need to use up and make room for more stuff. So I been wanting a nice 12 volt puffer dry washer. It seems that the Beck drywasher is highly valued and highly thought of. I don't have plans for one, but I think Sam Radding"s drywashers was kind of based on the Beck. I know he knew the manufacture of the beck at the time he wrote his books, whitch I have for plans. I guess what I'm asking could I bbuild a Beck copy and would it be possiable today? I don't want to start building drywashers, just a really good one for myself that works good. I will most likly be going after real fine gold. So is there is any info on Beck dry washers? Or are the spec and info secret?



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I will tell you if you want to know about Beck machines then send a P.M. to Russ Ford. He holds the rights to them and can answer your questions first hand.

Russ is a great guy.

2ndly I would suggest a "lighter" weight wood for construction of your drywasher project they become very heavy very fast. I have been using poplar and it works out great.

Russ is the man when it comes to Becks nowadays.

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Hi Adam

I think Max is back up north, or on his way up. I think he said he was a going to be out at a pay to prospect area as an attendant or something like that, but I could be wrong on that. Not sure abouthis sccess to internet.



Hi Frank

I don't have any lighter wood and I do have the oak and maple I need to use. I figure I will be hauling it on my ATV so not real worried about the weight. I think I have enough to make the little sampler that is in Sam's book also. So I could take it out to find out if the area is worth making a run with the heavier unit.

Hey Ted

I did not know Becks were still being made. I don't want to steal any trade secrets. I just wanted to find out why Becks are so highly thought of, and if I could include some things in my Sam Radding washer to make it a better unit, if that is possiable. :)

Thanks All


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I don't think he makes very many of them. Again, they are pretty expensive and a real specialty item. I think in terms of design they are well worth some study if you can either find one or want to get one made. As far as I know the only plans are the patented ones in Russ's possession though. It's pretty proprietary stuff so I doubt there are any copies floating around. It's still probably worth it to talk to Russ though, seeing as he's the man with the plan.

Good luck on your projects! :thumbsupanim

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