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Gold in South Carolina

SC Mike

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Hey everyone... Does anyone here know much about prospecting in SC? I live in "The Gold Belt" but haven't had much luck. I live in Rock Hill, SC (right between the Reed Mine and Haile Mine). So, I know it's out there! :) I have been told different techniques... Crevicing, hard pack, sand-bars. I found a large bedrock formation, in Flat Creek, consisting of schist and granite about 200 ft long by 20 ft wide. There is also hard pack on the other side of the creek from this formation. The hard pack extends about 6 feet up the vertical creek bank. It's all little pebbles packed in red clay. I will upload a pic later this week. The land owner, who is a friend of mine, said people have been finding gold in flat creek area for a long time. Haile Gold Mine is actually trying to buy his land, but he won't budge! I would just like to get info from people that know what they are talking about. ie: You wonderful people! ;) I am still a novice, but hoping to play with the big boys one day!

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Welcome to the forum Mike!! :thumbsupanim

You just have to keep at it, if there's gold in the waters you're working you will eventually find some color.

The biggest mistake I see that most new prospectors make is that they're looking for "big" pieces of gold, in this part of the world and in most other most of the gold is very fine/small and it will be hiding under the last spoonful of blacksand in your pan.

Most of gold you're likely to find will be about the size of this period . and smaller, yes you will also find pieces bigger than that but the little pieces add up so work your material down to the spoonful of blacksand and then with a small amount of water in your pan swirl the water to slowly wash away the blacksand and you maybe surprised to find little specks of GOLD in your pan.

It would help you greatly to hook up with someone with some experience to help you along in the learning curve of finding gold.

I will send you a PM with some links that may help you in finding someone close to you to help.


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