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Mining Summit in Placerville 4-23,24-11

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Jill and I will be attending the Mining Summit in Placerville this coming weekend. Might be a good time to tinkle a glass or a cup of coffee with others from this forum. Who all plans to be there?

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Well I might be there but dont know what day I will go, saturday or Sunday. My gold claim is about 35 minutes from Placerville and depending on the weather I might do some Highbanking on this weekend. Of course the water level is probably to high still :rolleyes:

its nice to mingle with fellow gold seekers however <_<


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There will be several different speakers addressing a variety of topics [see the complete breakdown in the current issue of the Mining Journal]. Both Saturday and Sunday the topics begin at 11AM, Noon, 1PM, 2PM, and 3PM. You can pay at the door. It is $5 each day. On Monday there is a hands-on field trip near Auburn. Jill and I will not be attending that latter event, but we will be at the Placerville Fairgrounds throughout Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the other activities. We are spectators, not vendors, so we have time to visit with those who have the time. We will be visiting with Steve and Dee [Mrs. El Dorado] on Friday evening and Saturday morning in Forest Hill. This is a nice opportunity for us to meet some of the folks who frequent this forum. I'm still a little gimpy from the fight I got into with my driveway, but at least no more cane. So watch for a gray haired guy 68 yrs old, 6'2" with a slight limp and a former hippy wife. Please feel free to say howdy, maybe share a cup of coffee.

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T-shirts just like at the GPAA events. I will be across from the food bar,stop by and sat hi. I will be wearing a bright yellow t- shirt that says T-Shirt Vendor-- Dave

Be there Saturday. Just over the hill for me.

What you vending highbanker? I'll stop by and say hey!

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