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Home from Yuma...

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Well I got home yesterday afternoon after a few days in Yuma and after not being in this area for a full 10 years I was shocked to see how much it had been worked. Whole hillsides have been raked down by nugget hunters and there are drywash piles everywhere! It is simply not the same place I remember....

Hunted our arses off and none of us scored a nugget or much trash for that matter....

Still had a great time visiting with some old friends and watching the grey foxes run amok in our camp at night.

I know there must still be a nugget or several around the area, but I think I am crossing this one off the list as it is almost a 4 hour drive to get there and get skunked when my more local placers are still giving up nuggets :tisk-tisk:

Glad to be home!

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Adam, that pic is so large it's hard to tell if that's a Grey Fox or the protected Kit Fox. I used to do a lot of hunting down in that area about 25-30 years back, and IIRC, the place was loaded with Kit Fox, and they are curious critters, for sure. If you have a "squeaker" type predator call they can be a ton of fun to mess with, as they will keep coming back and looking so long as they hear that squeak call.

Bill, it's been years since I've spent much time down in that area, but it used to be such beautiful desert. Some areas were always barren looking, but seeing all the man-made changes probably wouldn't make my day either.

Good deal that you got to spend time with friends, as that's what it's all about..americanasmiley.gif


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Whereabouts in Yuma did you hunt? Nugget shooting or dry washing?

If you are asking me, I wasn't hunting gold, but 4-legged varmints (mostly Grey Fox) back then. ;)

That was a long time ago, and any hunting now is for gold, Steelhead, or critters with a camera. I won't

even shoot the raccoons I have to chase off the front porch every night..beer.gif


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