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I know where not to go!


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Hello all...first post here :)

Got out on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Went to some washes just west of lake pleasant.

DONT go to the one by morgan city wash. It sounds like a war zone out there

with all the people shooting on Christian camp road.

I cant belive the ammo that they burned up.

Found a nice crack, broke it up, sucked it out for a few feet and found a picker.

I was pumped.....cleaned out the rest of the crack and found....nothing...Whao whao.... :aw-shucks:

Worked the area with the metal detector and found some of the most beautiful bullets, bbs, and shell casings. I think im going to mount them and put them on display :tisk-tisk:

Moved to another area and hit on a 45 slug....no gold...not even flour :wah2: <-----thats about how I felt for this day.

It was more of a test to take my NEW old vehicle out and give it a work out. Performed great and didnt leave us stranded. :rolleyes:

Drove around and did some 4 wheeling by humbug creek. Too late in the day to get into anything so we headed home.

It was just great to get out.


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Welp....at least im narrowing it down!

It was the perfect spot if there was gold.

Found it on Google maps.

Used to dredge a lot in the bradshaws in the 80s but

this is a whole different animal.

Ill get it...just have to keep at it.

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Next to learning your detector, the next biggest obstacle is keeping at it. Its so easy to just give up when you do not find whatever it is you are expecting to find. Just keep at it, the more you use your detector the better you will become with it. If you keep at it and get yourself in the right locations you will find the gold.

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