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New Detector Harness Prototype


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Finally had the wife sew a prototype detector harness. So far it works great. Just need to make a few modifications. The carbon fiber shaft

( Hard to see, if you look close you can see it supporting detector) takes all the weight off your arm, and puts it on the harness, which most of the weight is distributed around the waist. Need to add a battery carrier to it, and some other pouches. There is an adjustable bungee cord that goes down to the detector, I also need to add a quick disconnect so while digging a target, I can release it to dig. Im also in the process of making it all wire free, building a slim line 10,000 mA battery and adjustable amp with external speaker to fit on side of detector cover pouch. Once I get all of this built, thinking also about maybe selling some if there would be enough demand for it... But tell you what this thing makes the detector weightless, my arm can now go all day long with a big coil. :thumbsupanim



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Thanks Terry, not sure yet on price, still have a lot I want to work on it, also looking to add a place to mount a pick on your back where you can reach behind and draw your pick out, this will keep it away as far as possible from the detectors coil. I will take it for a test at gold basin tomorrow to see how it handles using it all day.

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Hey everyone,

I used this thing all day long at gold basin, and all I have to say is WOW !!!! :ROFL: I had the 12X15 coil, and not once did my arm tire out. All the weight was distributed on my waist. Before, I had to rest my arm to handle the large coil. I really did not have to unhook it to dig, because it still gave me enough slack to put the detector down on the ground and use my pick to dig. One drawback is if there is anything tall in the way like desert brush, or trees, it will snag up on it, but I really did not have to deal with that in the open desert. My next one will be changing the canvas to the harness to cammo, and here is the wifes machines hard at work.... I will let everyone know when I will start to sell, and how much. Its hard to get going at first, but once you make a few it gets easier and easier.




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Looks like it could help alot of people with weight issues Dave. Good Idea.

Don't get Pizzed if I run into you detecting an call you Robin Hood...... That was my 1st impression when I saw the pic.

Maybe it could shoot arrows for self defense too !!!

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Hey Frank,

You have a great suggestion... hehe... I guess since everyone is going green this thing could be a hybrid. :yuk-yuk:

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