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GPS Troubles Ahead

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Anyone read todays Arizona Republic article on page G4 about " Planned wireless Internet network threatens GPS " ? A new ultra-fast wireless Internet network is threatening to overpower GPS signals across the US and interfere with everything from airplanes to consumer navigation devices.(our handheld GPS's) Article by Joelle Tessler Associated Press.mad0229[1].gif


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Looks like the FCC really stuck their foot in it this time. They approved the use of another system that operates on frequencies very close to those used by the GPS satellites, and it is likely that the GPS receivers do not have the ability to reject powerful signals that are so close to the GPS freq. it is made to receive.

I can't see the FCC allowing them to operate if it will render the GPS receivers inoperable. :nono: Crap...could you just imagine the lawsuits? Not to mention the number of auto navigation systems that could no longer be relied on to function.

Here's more on the issue:



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