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OK GANG, heres "the rest of the story ". I just hung up with our dearly beloved BLM and this is the skinny.

Lets talk about what to do if you find "PB" on your map and you want to file a claim or look one up.

What you would do is locate Section 6 to the top right and the range and tier and treat the area marked (PB)

just like it was marked as a normal section. You would then enter that information into the LR2000 system

and it will give you the information for it (only if you entered it correct). But there's more! There may

or may not be DIFFERENT LETTERS than PB used! (This new marking is really not for us, but we can make use of it

as stated above)it's for THEM! There maps have this code (thats what I call it)to locate unsurveyed areas and

they change like telephone area codes do, or zip codes for mail. If you run into this case just treat them

like above. If you take a regular marked Topo map and stick a lable "PB"##" on it with tape you will see what

I'am trying to tell you very eazy, you will just treat it like a normal section. One other thing that the

man I talked to pointed out is to make SURE your claim is measured RIGHT. This is very important if it is on

the side of a steep hill. You have to correct for the slope/Horizontal difference for it to be correct.

Not importamt you say? Just file on a major lode claim and see what happens! I know there are a lot of people

on this site that do not need to be told this information, but there is also a lot that do, so make use of it

if you need it and remember there's still more to learn. If anyone would like me to explain more of this or

something else ( if I know the answer ) feel free to send me a PM and I'll be glad to try and help

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