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Topo maps are a real need to locate areas to prospect or to find claims, or other related information

that we use and there are some changes to them now that all need to be aware of. I buy all my maps

through " TOPO .com " and my latest one of an area in Idaho had something so new on it the USGS & the

USFS dident know anything about it! I called them both is how I know. So I ended up talking to the BLM,

and found part of what I wanted to. On this new map was the normal Range/Tier/Section markings but also

these new one's had PB##s. When I first seen them I was at a complete loss as to what they were then, I started

thinking " area's that were unsurveyed ", but could not understand what the hell "PB" stood for.

In talking with the fellow at the BLM I was to find out it stood for " Protracted Block ". Now I had to

ask myself why not just US (unsurveyed) instead? No answer for this found anywhere from anyone!

I also ask how this new information can be used with the LR2000 program but the person I need to talk to

is out of his office for a few days, but from what I found out from one of the other persons there, you

would have to enter information for these areas into the LR2000 system as MEETS & BOUNDS.

Not all new maps will have "PB" on them, only those that were not surveyed, some of these areas are, large

area's of the NF in Calif. Oregon , Idaho, Wash, Montana, Wyoming, maybe parts of NV. and there may be

others. So if you get a new map with this on it you will at least know what it stands for.

Also new, if you buy your maps like I do they can print " Land Ownership Boundry Lines " on them to outline

NF, BLM, Privet, NP, State lands and several others. This is a GREAT IDEA if looking for areas to prospect.

When I get to talk to the man that knows I'll post that information,

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