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A few from the weekend.....


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Mighty purty there Adam!

Way to go!


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Nice nuggies you found there. Those green ones look like copper nuggets. Are those green ones copper nuggets? Looks almost like one I found outside of Wickenburg a couple of years ago. I almost threw it away but thought it looked unusual so i stuffed it into my side pocket and didnt think about it for a couple of days.

Aloha and stay safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi


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Thanks guys....This area I get invited to, and I definately appreciate the hospitality of the people I hunt with .

Yes, the green looking pieces are natural copper nuggets. They are easier to hear than gold.

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I live about 1500 miles from Phoenix, it's 42º out and it's been pissing down

rain non-stop for the past 2 days. That's pretty much what the weather has been

doing for the past 6 months. This has created an extreme conflict within

me, as I probably should just forget chasing gold and, like all the other aging

drones in this county, I should just stay here molding in this cold, boring and

goldless place.GAAAHsmiley.gif

Then, I go and read this thread and suddenly there is another (not so quiet)

voice inside telling me to pack my detector, pans and sluice, kiss the wife

and head South asap.. americanasmiley-1.gif

Congrats on the great hunt. Those are absolutely beautiful nuggets! beer.gif


p.s. I told my wife that it's all your fault. :inocent:

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