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Absolutely Superb Mothership Command

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Yes I'm satisfied enough to give Uncle Marvin his 1st sponge bath.

He confessed he hasn't had his jets cleaned since leaving MARS eons ago.

A Superb demonstration of commanding the Mothership was executed by Marvin over the last 4 days.

His leadership TOPPED a section of my collection AGAIN AND added a new total weight for hunt figure.

He will get a warm water rinse before our next flight over the strewnfields.

Oh yes he also put me over a nice 7/10ths grm piece of the ol yeller metal while we were cruising the area.

A really Great Fellow, OOPs I mean Martian he is.

Pics of the 227 gmmr alone are after a light cleaning, lots of character/color and crust still with plenty of that black left showing on it.

It was like being a kid again..... ONE - A - DAY thats what I detected and like the vitamins enough to keep on swingin for.

126 gmr

69.7 gmr

36.4 gmr

29 gmr

and the chart topper a 227.2 gmr. Who says theres nothin left ta find ????????


I thank my lucky stars my Uncle is Marvin the Martian. When its tough gettin gold under my coil he keeps me busy with space rocks.

Hapy Huntn.





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That's Awesome Frank! Congrats!!!


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Aloha Frank,

Awesome finds for sure and that one specimen shows some nice fusion crust too.

Way to go!

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Good job Frank.

Was good seeing and your "better half" as usual.

I forgot, I have some magnets for you.....With everything else going on, they didn't cross my mind.

Till the next time,


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Hey Frank!

What kind of Beer does the Martian drink? One plan is to get out there...get him hammered...in hope he will reveal his secrets!!!happy0193[1].gif


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Aloha Jim,

Here is my contribution to get the Martian hammered or at least something to take a bath in to get him in the mood!:inocent:


Stan aka Ka'imi


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Frank, Nice going!!! Beautiful Man!! Great Pics!! You and Marvin are unstopable!!! Is Uncle Marvin single? Perhaps a female martian could entice the Great Marvin into some pellow talk advice on hunting strategy. :) Good Hunting!! Clifton


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