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Gold pans

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Hi Allen,

I think that is the annual panning championship at Tankavaara, Finland. Those are not gold pans per se, but rather what is known as a Batea. Very commonly used in central and south america. In the Dutch West Indies, the natives made them out of local wood, and they are called a Dulong. Don't know what they're called in Finnish. They are much faster panning than a typical gold pan, that's why they're popular for timed competitions.


quote name='Allen in MT' timestamp='1301015534' post='150616']

Interesting gold pans these folks use, can't understand what they are saying but fun to watch

Allen in MT

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dang Ben. You are a man of knowledge.

It shows you have been learning things in your spare tiime and not just polishing your dulong.

Bob, you had me rolling on the floor with that one... :hahaha: :hahaha: Jason ;)

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