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Hello there,

My name is Kris, and I live in Missoula, Mt. I have spent years playing with the idea of gold prospecting. Montana, as a state, has quite a history in mineral developement. Besides the hours of hitting keys on a computer and trying to learn anything that I can about how to find gold, I have no experience. I have decided to give it a real shot, and expect to learn a lot 'on the job training', but would take any advice available. I have been in touch with a great older gal who owns several claims in the Cedar Creek drainage, south of Superior, Mt. She is willing to do a year lease on the 600 plus acres, for the price of an ounce of gold. I have spent hours researching the area, and back in the 1870's, it was quite a gold rush. As many as 2000 ounces a week, although the info is from census polls, and miners are pretty well known for not telling quite what they had found. It was also followed up by the Chinese, who some say did better than the white miners before them. There was also some hydrolic work done in the area. Nothing has been worked since the mid 90's. If there is anyone on this forum that might be able to clue me in a bit, I would be grateful. Otherwise, I hope that a positive attitude, the love for my Montana Mountains, and sure determination, will help me find a little color. Thanks for allowing me to ask questions. I have read many postings already, and can't help but think this is a great place to find 'no bs' answers.

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Hi Kris,

Welcome to the site! howdy.gif

I'm fairly new myself, so can't be of much help with the prospecting tips, but I would

be very cautious about spending anything to work on a claim until I had gained at

least some good, basic prospecting skills. A year lease on 600 acres for approx $1450 might

be a great deal, but I would want to first learn how to get gold out of there. Any chance of

finding someone to work with you that has some prospecting experience?

Some super people on this site, so you came to a good place. :miner:


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Welcome Kris! :D

Before you comment to signing a lease be sure to go and sample the claim and if the claim holder isn't agreeable to that pass on the lease, hopefully you can find an experienced prospector to help you do the sampling since you're new to prospecting, also sample where you want to sample not where the claim holder direct you to sample, not that the claim holder is dishonest but it is not unheard of for a claim holder looking to sell or lease a claim to "salt" an area and direct you to sample there, the price you mentioned is not to bad of a deal if you can find good gold, do the math after sampling to see if you think it's still a good deal considering the available time you will be able to spend working the claim during the season.


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Thanks Gents, great advice. I will do that before any lease is to be signed. It makes me a little nervous to think the Chinese were there, as well as the hydrolics. I have met with a couple of the active miners in the area...they are pretty tight lipped, but one of the claim holders didn't take his seasonal job in Antartica, and instead, has upgraded his equipment and going at it full time. He tried to get back into his claim a few weeks back and couldn't get even close. 5' of snow. That area is anywhere from 120%-135$ above average snowfall. If nothing else, there should be some soil moving around up there this spring runoff.

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Chris: I would be a quite concerned if the Chinese miners had worked the claims. They were outstanding

in their efforts to recover gold and would work the claims TO DEATH, unless it was claim that

required technology that was not available at that time. As said above get a chance to do

sampling first and then see if she will give you a lease based on a 75% to 25% share of what

you recover--BEST OF LUCK--HAL :thumbsupanim

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For myself I would be even more concerned if they had shown no interest! No one got it all and in some cases even the Chinese

missed the pay streak and new gold can come in. I know one spot where they carefully stacked rocks 10 feet high and 12 wide from the river covering ground that has paying quantity of gold. leasing is another subject all of its own.

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