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Great video...thanks for sharing!

Q: There were a couple scenes in the video where he was panning down black sand, and was washing it out by tipping the pan from side to side. I realize everyone has their own methods, but is panning off the black sands like that a good idea? I've always been told that if I was losing black sand out of the pan that I was losing gold too.

Very inspiring video though, and makes me want to ignore work today and go run my sluice in the backyard. Never found gold there (yet) but I get loads of black sand just panning. That's the hard part about being "self-employed"..there's no boss around telling you to get to work!

Yeah..I've got "Gold Fever" for sure, and hanging out here with all the other addicts on this site just makes it all that much worse better!... :thumbsupanim


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Bill, watching that video you posted (above) was just too much to bear. By 2:30 I couldn't take it any more, so I skipped out on an afternoon of work and headed down to the river in the backyard. Wound up making my own video (first one ever, btw) of where the sluice was set up, etc. Quality is poor (but then so is the camera it was shot with..lol)


A pic of the beach (where video was shot) just below our home:


And the results of running 2 buckets of 1/2"- material. Not much to shout about.. :inocent:


Still, it was nearly 60* out there yesterday (heat wave!) and any time spent on the

river is time well spent!


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