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The Infamous Skunk came with HEADACHES

frank c

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Preparation is the key to success to any trip or outing.

That I did. But to no avail.

I had ol Nellybelle the jeep and all my gear ready for a 5 day hunt.

Well the weather could have been a bit more condusive to detecting so what if we had wind gusts from 20 to 60 M.P.H. ???

Nellybelle thru a shoe as soon as I took her out on wednesday when I got there, one of my new Procomp shocks was discovered hanging in mid air the first day, Dave who lives in Gold Basin offered to let me weld up the spring plate that had snapped with his welder. By the looks of it it had been cracked for years and just couldn't take the "new shocks" No biggie Nelly can handle only having 3 shocks for a few days so I thru the shock an mount in the pickup bed and drove Nelly for the next 4 days without a hint of more trouble, She's proving to be quite an ol gal.

So went wed. thurs. and friday, Many hours of swingin and not a sweet sound to be had. Saturday would be different I thought to myself my other half was driving up to meet me late sat. and I'll have something NICE to show her that I detected that day. YEAH wishfull thinking. Not a good signal anywhere and I mean anywhere I traveled many places hunting but no sweet sounds.

Then it happened, I got a phone call Mamma's car had CRAPPED OUT COLD in the middle of the road on the way into camp. OH for joy just what I needed.

Well that postponed Sat nights bar-b-q for awhile as we went down the road trying to find her.

Sunday was lost with so many loose ends to tie up NO hunting could be done for a LAST CHANCE to find a sweet sound. I had my pickup with the 5th wheel trailer to get home, Nellybelle the jeeper which my other half was suppossed to be driving home and our neighbor who was camped with us was going to drive Mamma's car home.

Well 3 hours waiting for a tow truck to get her car out of the basin and that was the climax of the trip. The wonderful insurance company only paid for a tow to Dolan Springs , SSSOOOO I had to get home drop the trailer, borrow a car hauler and drive back up to load her car and then get back home AGAIN.

I know you can't expect a nugget or nice spacerock every time ya go huntn. But I sure had my share of problems for awhile.

Maybe the next hunt will be productive. I'll be prayin to the gold gods.


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Ummmm other than that how was the trip? Sorry about all the troubles and I'll wish ya up a nice nugget next trip OK.

Good to have seen you and that wind was really something, we got it today and it blew the roof off one of my cabins. I was up there at 6:11 am in the wind and rain trying to get the metal roofing bent back down to re-nail it so the fellow living there didn't have everything soaked :yikes:

Got it fixed, but managed to hit my left index finger a near fatal blow with my framing hammer driving nails through metal :cry2:

Oh yeah and I lost my gold....

Feeling a little better yet? :rolleyes:

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Bummer trip Frank.. The good news is that you burned up a ton of bad luck in one trip. So the rest of the year should be smooth sailing! -sport

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Well Frank, sorry for your trials. You were more than gracious to my son and I. :thumbsupanim

Thanks for driving us to yours and Bunks claim to do a little meteorite hunting. I found that one nice little meteorite(my first)in the first twenty minutes and spent the next two hours hoping for more. Had a blast doing it too.

Oh! and the corned beef and cabbage was a treat as well. Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Ya, I wish I would have found some gold, that would have been nice but Frank, you helped make my son and I's trip extra special. For that I am very appreciative and I hope that helps ease your troubles a tiny bit.

Thanks Frank,


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Frank..I know this statment will not put a penny in your pocket but remember that you and yours got stuck in the middle of no where butmade it home safe. We all hear the horror stories of people that broke dow and did not make it back....So you'll get to go back out and play again...

Glad that your wife and you get to go out again.

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