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What I'm missing...

Jim Gilmore

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I'm stuck in NYC taking care of my mom...Whom spends all here waking time having conversations and fighting with herself. Either she thinks she is 2 or 3 people or what I do not know...but here is what I'm missing....

When I was last able to drywash regulary I was finding a set amount of gold out of every bucket I classified and drywasher. I was using the square approx 3 gallon buckets that held kitty litter . Not quite as big as a 5 gallon pail.

Now granted many would not think twice to find a different spot to dig... The goold was fine as covered in tons of black sand. But I easily got the same amount... I figured I was getting about 3-4 grains a day...Now When I came to NYC that was about 12 cents a bucket...But that's now up to 14 cents a bucket and I should have recovered been there for the last year and a half 2 weeks every month... sigh....Gotta love the things that delay your plans...

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Hang in there Jim, you only have 1 mother and when you were a baby she took care of you now its your turn consider it a privilege.

Remember when ya get to the end of yer rope tie a knot in it.

The unspoken law of averages will take care of you when you are done with this job things will go good for you I PROMISE :twocents:

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Aloha Jim,

Hang in there buddy. Been there and done that, so just a small piece of advice. Go to a local book store and buy a paperback titled "The 27 hour day" I think it was written by a pair of doctors with the last name of connors. This book will answer a lot of questions for you and will also let you know that you arnt the only one out there in this situation.

God Bless and hang in there dude. Life's rewards are out there, you just have to work a little harder nowadays to get them.


Stan aka Ka'imi

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I'm still new here, but have read enough of your posts to know that you are a good man, with a big heart.

Had the honor of spending that kind of time with both my parents before they passed. Many days I felt that the responsibility in front of me was just too big of a weight to bear, but, we always found a way to manage. There were days on-end where I wanted to be anywhere else, however in my heart I knew the only option was to stay right where I was until they had passed. It was an honor to help them, as they were always there for me when I needed help.

You are cut from that same cloth, Jim, and I have no doubts that you will stand strong and help your mother as long as is needed. Cherish the lucid moments, and if there are none, then cherish the good memories, as that is all we really get to take with us. Prayers are in the wind for both you and your ailing mother.


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