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Rock Hound State Park , Deming New Mexico

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The Rock Hound State Park is a cool little park nested up to the Florida Mtns here just out side of Deming.

Over the Years it's been frequented by Collectors seeking Jasper, Quartz, Carnelian and other collectibles.

Contently your allowed to take up to 15lbs of samples and Material.

There talking bad things here.: http://www.kwes.com/Global/story.asp?S=14277634

If you wish you can contact the park system and E-Mail your objections and or Thoughts on the Prohibition on Collecting Material.


I mean Come on here! The Parks name is ROCK HOUND State Park and they Don't want you to take Rocks! LOL

Please send something if you have a chance.

Here's the Note I sent. A bit lame but put the point across.


Please allow me to express my concerns on Rock Hound State Park.

The idea of disallowing the collection of Rock Samples is a Bad, Bad idea!

That park is the only State park that allows the Rock Hound to participate and enjoy a long standing hobby.

People from thousands of miles away come to partake in the hobby.

They don't come to look at the Mountains and and say Awwwww!

They don't come to be blown around by the horrific Deming Winds!

They don't come to sit in the HOT sun and watch there Picnic dinner wither !

They come for the Rocks and Mineral samples!

These folks spend a pile of money in the pursuit of there hobby and I for one would rather they spend it here in Deming then some place else.

Please, Please Put a halt on the Idea of ending the collection of material and samples from the Park.

If you put a stop to the collection of material and samples, you may as well close the Park gates, save the Tax Payers Money !

That park has little else to offer as a Park other then the Winds , Hot Sun!

Thanks for your Time!

If you get a chance, Please send them a Note and Tell how Stupid it would be having a State Park Named ROCK HOUND State Park and Pulling this crap! Eaa?


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I've heard of Rockhound State Park for years and I can't believe this story. Many visitors have come here from other parts of the country to collect and have contributed millions to the states economy since it opened. Obviously they have some brainless boobs in office that have nothing else to do with their time other then think up silly crap like this.... Sound familiar????

Email sent..

Thanks for posting..


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