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Headed out for Gonzaga Bay, Baja


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I'm packed and out the door soon.

I was planing to be at Gold Basin but my friend said "now is your chance". I was looking forward to meet ya' all so you could see that I'm probably not as ugly as I sound sometimes.

I hope that I can make it next time. Have a good fling but save a few nugs and rocks for the rest of us...and hold onto your hats.

The map is from 1941. Interesting things near Gonzaga Bay. There is also a turquoise mine and some others nearby. My knee is still mending from surgery so don't know if I'll get around much but gonna try. If that does not work out, fishing and settin on the beach with a cool one will have to do...woe is me :)

Yeah, I'm going to be REAL careful...ain't gonna carelessly play in the local's sandboxes. I'll be there for a month or two so careful is the mantra.love0029[1].gif


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bcache, The old turquoise mine is a cool place, I have found good specimens there and old coins, if you cross the creek and go a little up stream there is a cool old tree house and some caves/tunnels .

Have a good trip and eat a fish taco and drink a Corona for me!


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bcache, The old turquoise mine is a cool place, I have found good specimens there and old coins, if you cross the creek and go a little up stream there is a cool old tree house and some caves/tunnels .

Have a good trip and eat a fish taco and drink a Corona for me!


Morning Max, My trip has been delayed until Tuesday to pick up another person in El Centro.

You really got me so excited I'm twitching...can't wait to stomp every sq. foot til I find the mine and caves/tunnels. The last time Nick and I flew down there we, along with Bob(Brother Bob?), flew around the ruins of Mission Santa Maria then went looking for the turquoise mine...couldn't locate it by air. Below is my email conversation with Nick.

No problem eating and drinking a few for you...doubles my ration of grub and grog! Thanks a big load for everything.

Bill C

do you think that is the turq mine south and west of gonzaga? ask him what casa # he had a alfonsinas.


On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 6:39 AM, Bill Cuccaro <bbbc@ymail.com> wrote:

Nick, Max is the guy that I mentioned back when. He Had a place at Gonzaga, sold it 2006. You might have met him...don't? Looks like to me he has been all over Baja and has been feeding me info for the last month or so.

You, me and Chriss got to find that mine and dig up some coins. bcache is my screen name.


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No-No Bill, My place was at Campo Christina just before you went down in to the Matomi wash, Alfredo Lopez owns it, at KM 54. i sold out to Wild Bill.

"Beercan" Bob Corbet lives at Portocetos, he had a Bonnaza like your friend at Gonzaga Bay with the VEE tail, he got a different one, thats all they talk about is Bonnazas's and how much stuff you can load in one if you take the door off.

I first went to Baja to run a pay to dig mining operation for Enrique Meling in '94, he had the property at El Alamo leased and he already owned the Santa Cruz mines and the San Jose that his father and grand father developed in the 1800's.

I headquartered at his EL Bramerdero Lodge in San Telmo, we dregeded at Valladares and Ojos Negros but they let the claim get away from them, it had mucho gold 1/2 OZ nuggets were common, we dredged the El Barbon and metal detected it all, our camp was just before where the De Cota went in to the EL Barbon north of Real DeL Castillo Viejo. The day we set up camp my wife sniped 25 nuggets while I was working, all over a gram up to 1/4 OZ, hell I didn't want any customers!! EL Alamo was very good too, first time I went there it had about 25 families, last time I went I think it had three, sad . Angel and Evita owned a great deal of it including Mt Leon, we dredged the Alamo and metal detected La Biznaga, those where the days .

The turn off to the Turquoise mine is at N29 degrees 34.347" and W114 degrees 21.942" That is after Punta Final, the Green pools at at

N29 degrees 33' 716" and W114 degrees 23" 890", I cound't afford a GPS in them days got that from the pilots. You should have saw the green pools from the air? Lot of old house sites there and looked like placer activty?

We concentrated our gold prospecting in the area of Okieville El Volcan and El Placer De Los Perita the guy that ownes all that lived at Cinca Islas and ran horses up in Miramar Canon, used to be lots of prospectors hung out at his campo.

I wonder if Coco is still alive? I made every back road on the east coast including Punta Assmbela, Mesa De Yubay, Las Animas ( My Favorite) and San Francisquito.

Are you guys going to land on the beach or the airport? The beach is fun at low tide, you can just fall out in front of Alfonsisa"s and say "Cervesa Pur favor !" And they will rescue you. We always took our camper and camped at the the last Palapa to the south, my wife cound't stand the music and the poker game noise, yep I miss it but health has got me down, lack of Huveo Rancheros no doubt and I havent' had a bottle of Casadores with Wild Bill , Brother Bob and Desert Bull in years, it used to be our birthday tradition whose ever birthday it was got a bottle of it with the neck broken off so it had to be drunk/drank? Not a little baby bottle either!

Have fun and good luck!

The pic's are My Drill cores at El Alamo, the beach at Okieville, Me at Gonzaga, Last house left at Biznaga ( Full of ore samples)






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They where left at El Alamo in Baja in the early 2000,s by a Canadian company who came in a leased nearly all the property owned by a cowboy and his wife. they did a very extensive drilling program, some of them have visible gold, there's a lot of them ,my friend owned the land and when I expressed an interest in making paper weights an such gave them to me. The Mexican goverment would not let nme take them out of Baja with out a big tax, the local oldtimers crush them and pan it out.


So what do those core samples read out as????

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Good Morning Gilaoro and all,

Hope you find the following interesting and thanks for the good wishes on my travels.

hi bill...

..that explains a lot; we drive right past Campo Christina...CB always laughs when we go by. You can pass this onto Max....I visited El Alamo in 1955. My father was partners with a mexican named Dave Hinejosa in a mexican drive in El Centro...we drove to Tijuana, down to Ensada, then up the mtns to El Alamo and spent the night...yes, gold and silver mines still running then, but I didn't know exactly what all was going on. Slept on dirt floor and first cup of coffee over outside wood fire pit...great chorizo bkfst too...then drove up and over the meling ranch and then down a 1,000'+ cliff into a valley with a running stream, goats, cattle, and farming...fortunately no came up the mtn cliff at the same time...only room for one car at a time...Dave made my father and I walk behind the truck in case he drove off the edge....some places had only 12" of roadway before cliff overhang.

we drove all day and finally reached the desert at dark and just kept following a sand road, with tires deflated to about 12#s, and eventually saw the lights of san felipe, and drove into SF around 10 pm at night and slept on the beach next to where the fishing boats parked during the night. Apparently few drove to SF this way as we never saw another vehicle all day. Next day back to mexicali and el centro, but a trip i never forgot.

This would be a very interesting trip to explore....there has to be gold in them thar hills.

I have heard of some of the names Max mentions, but don't them except for reputation....tough guys to do all the adventures they did.


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