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Why is gold yellow ????

Jim Gilmore

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Color you see is because the object your looking at reflects that color.

If gold is in the Microscopic level it reflect the color RED.

Red is a component of the color Yellow.

A TV has three guns. One Activates a Red emitting Phosphorous , One activates a Green Phosphorus, and one activates a Blue emitting Phosphorus.

If you add all those colors together, you see White. Go Figure.

Iron looks like Metallic when whole. When Oxidized it looks Red.

Aluminum looks Metallic when whole. When Oxidized it looks White.

White or Red , they are still the Eliments and can be converted back to the Metallic state.

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I only wish I could find something larger than nanoparticles.. :wacko:

I live north of Deming and in the sand dunes left over from the days of the Membres rivr being a real river.

I can find Micro Gold in my front yard. LOL!

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10 pans taken down to black sand, murcury used I came out with less then a pin head. I know it was gold because Nitric left it alone.

I figure the payback was -5000! LOL!

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