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Practical Meteorite Jokes

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:shrug: :hmmmmm: :huh:

Yeah, I know John. Look, you got to forgive me man. I was missing the desert pretty bad the other evening and smoking a not-so-domestic cigar. I was daydreaming about what it would be like to prospect, hunt and hang out with the people I have yet to meet here on the forums.

So, I’m sitting on the terrace thinking about some of your finds and posts, and in the background on the TV, I hear this old joke where the jet is flying over Arizona, and the pilot is telling the passengers over his PA system about Meteor Crater. A blonde in the cabin leans over to the guy beside her and says, "Wow, look at that! It just missed the highway!"

Guess I should not mix “cigars” and computers :inocent: - Terry

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I had much the same thoughts as John did... :eee:

Studied it for awhile, and ultimately came to the conclusion that you were on one side of the crater, and John was on the other. Then, you found a good target, and one that John just had to hike all the way over there to see.

It was a close enough guess. :zapped:

I've been around life long enough to know good folks when I find them, and even though I just recently joined the site, it is a hope to meet many of you someday, as well.


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Hi Terry

I'm not sure who punked who on this thread :rolleyes: . But the blond joke is good even thought it's pretty old :inocent: !! One of these days we'll meet up :D ? Where you trying to punk the other Terry :hmmmmm: ?? If so it would have been funnier if he were in the hole :hahaha: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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