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I have a Minelab GPX5000 that im going to install a 18" GF or Coiltech mono coil on. I also have a Whites TDI Pro that I wanted to eventully buy a better coil for. My question is I was told that the TDI and GPX use the same coils, so could I install the minelab 11" mono coil that came with the GPX onto the whites TDI Pro, and would it perform better that the original coil that comes on the TDI Pro?

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Hi Whylee

The GPX will not use the TDI coils. Yes the TDI will use any coil for the GPX, with that said the TDI may not be able to use the lowest delay(10usec) with the larger GPX coils. They may not be fast enough for the short delay of the TDI. You may have to do some testing with the ML coils and the TDI to figure out what the best setup and performance will be for the combo. I have used a ML 11" DD and a Nugget Finder 9x14" on my TDI and they work great. Both will work at the 10usec delay. How ever the ML 12x15"Commander will not work at min delay. It will work good at about 15-17 usec on my TDI. I don't have any coils larger than that to test, but I think the same would hold true. I don't have a 11" mono commander to test direct against the 12" Whites DF that comes on the TDI's but the mono should give as good as the 12" DF or maybe a little better depth on small gold. I use the Razorback 8.5x11" mono and it a real advantage over the 12" DF on small gold, as well as depth on 1 gm+ nuggets. The other thing is the ML coils don't fit real well on Whites lower rods. You will need to make some spacers and use a smaller ML coil bolt and that don't fit the Whites lower rods hole well.

Keeper Swinging


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