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Intro from a Northwestern rookie


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Hi all,

Didn't find many prospecting forums around the net, and this one looked like the best so I joined up. I live in the little town of Concrete, located at the base of the North Cascade range in the far Pacific Northwest. Grew up in So. Cal., and did quite a bit of panning/sluicing in the San Gabriel riverbed back about 30 years. "Life" got in the way and I had a 30 year break from the hobby while kids grew up, etc. Now, the gold bug has bit me in the arse again...and it's time for the old man to go have some fun. :D

The Skagit River is my back yard, literally, but unfortunately bedrock is about 80' down, and the river is not known for producing much of anything. There are hundreds of other creeks and streams to access, and although I just got started again, I've been told some some of these local creeks can hold fair amounts of gold.

Saved all my gear over the years, and have both the A51 and A52 Keene sluices, numerous pans and all the other needed tools for sluicing. I'm intrigued by the motorized high-bankers, but those are out of range financially at the moment. I'll be joining the WSPA (Wash. State Prospectors Assn.), and hope to learn more as a result.

Also spent years metal detecting here in WA. Illness made me stop in the mid-1990's, but I'm healthy again and still have my CZ-6a. After the weather warms a bit I hope to get out and do some coin shooting and relic hunting, and although I would love to do some nugget shooting I don't know if this machine is suitable.

I also Admin a site/forums with a fellow amateur astronomer from Australia. Unfortunately, clouds are more the norm here than clear skies, so the telescope doesn't get a lot of use.

Good to meet you all, and thanks in advance for your patience with all the questions I'm sure to be asking!


p.s. Pic is my backyard.

pps: Admin/Mod: I didn't see an area dedicated for new member intro's, but if there's a better spot for this please feel free to relocate the post.


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The cold in that picture looks nice.

This site by far has the best forums going. I have followed it for six or seven years without signing up. Recently did sign up because it is clear that the guys here are not flash in the pan types ( I know--long time to decide that). Plus it is a chance to stay in touch with the community that I miss so much--prospectors.

Sounds like you kept the right gear. Give me my hand sluice, classifier, pan and a number two shovel and I'll see you in a couple of days. Highbankers and dredges are great but I got tired of the admiring fans that they tend to draw in less remote areas. Left the powered stuff stateside---draw the wrong crowd here and you can have a real bad day.

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Welcome to the forums Dizzy and MacGump I see you are in Brazil MacGump I'll

just pop on over and have a spot of tea with you LOL I'll probably take your

weather over mine two feet of snow here still,Dizzy I am not too far from you

400 miles north of you there is some nice crystaline gold in Wa.just have to find it


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Rodd/McGump..thanks for the welcome Gents! :miner:

Just getting back into prospecting, and aside from the back aches it's been

great fun, so far. If the rain backs off a bit I want to hike up a local creek

on Sat. with only a pan/classifier and a shovel and see if I can't find an

old dry creek bed where the creek used to flow. Heavy rains and floods can

change these creeks around quite a bit, and there's got to be a few old

channels for this one as it comes off of some larger hills that get up to

about 4000'.


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MacGump... you should take a drive up to Uruacu and compare notes with Garimpo (Don) or at least pm him through this forum.. I have been to your town 4 times and Uruacu twice.

Probally should do that---have enjoyed his posts over the years. Waiting for the rainy season to wind down here---stricken with Brazil's version of cabin fever.Once made the mistake of trying a trip into Mato Grosso during rainy season. Stateside sometimes the water gets too cold and it's best to wait for spring,here the water is too much and best to wait for fall. Besides at 8 dollars a gallon for gas there is no such thing as a cheap road trip---make 'em count.

Rodd---sometimes I miss the cold (no bugs)---but whenever I think of slipping into those cold winter waters because the fever was burning,brrr. And that was in Georgia, your corner of the world takes a special breed.

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Rodd---sometimes I miss the cold (no bugs)---but whenever I think of slipping into those cold winter waters because the fever was burning,brrr. And that was in Georgia, your corner of the world takes a special breed.

At the moment it is about 40º F, and the water running in the rivers/creeks would likely be around 37-42º. It's chilly, no doubt, and hands get cold and stiff in a big hurry if not protected. I wear a pair of insulated gloves (made for chemicals) that are a bit heavy, but they keep my hands warm and dry while panning or working with the sluice. Got a pair of these on order, just to see how they hold up:


Most of the water in our local creeks/rivers is snow melt or glacial melt, so even in the Summer months it's still dang cold, and I ain't into suffering when it can easily be avoided. My partner last week thought he would "tough it out", and although we were just panning samples from creek to creek, his hands were froze up and miserable by noon (he kept them under the truck heater..lol). I've got too much arthritis to take chances on them getting that cold, so gloves are an absolute must, and good ones are worth every penny.


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Thanks for the welcome El Dorado! :miner:

Doug: Great to know there's a fellow webfooted Washatonian on the forum. Give me a shout if ya ever get the itch to drive up towards the N. Cascades. We've got a backyard river full of salmon (when they are running) and oodles of creeks and rivers to prospect around in.

Just got back from digging me a bucket of material that I classified down to 1/4"- on the riverbank. This came from the creek I had planned to hike tomorrow, as tomorrow is supposed to be heavy rain and cold, and it ain't no fun hiking up a creek in the rainforest when it's pouring water down your back. :eee:

I've only ever found small flakes (little ones) and never yet found an honest "picker". I am persistent as hell, and hoping to get one soon!


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