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gem stones in a sluice box


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How well will a sluice box catch gem stones? I have only had my sluice out once so I am not very adept with it, but I know from panning the local streams that there are a lot of gems in the gravels. Gold is what I am after but was wondering if there are any tips/tricks to help keep the gems too? Thanks for any advice.


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It all depends on your set-up. Working small streams looking for "fines" I would get quite a few garnets. Problem is that you don't want "larger" items in your sluice as that disrupts your water flow and you may lose some gold.

I would usually just make it a habit to re-classify my tailings and pick out the larger ones I could give to a friend that made jewelry. Of course if your talking about higher end gems---best thing is just using several classifiers and the ole eyeballs.

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Just like gold and all minerals LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION-just get a gem/mineral book or better yet join a local yokel club and educate. Gems usually glow/shine/look wet and greasy to the eye and don't let it slow down your op ,just throw in a bucket/pan and looksee later or in the middle of winter when time is free as all mining seasons are tooo short-John :whoope:

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