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Hey there, I am a new prospector and just joined in on this forum. Looking for lots of learning info.

I am in North Central Washington state and am a plumbing contractor. Have a few acres of private land that I wish to check out. Belong to GPAA and North Central Washington Prospectors. Our area is under snow and frozen ground for another month or so. Sooo I am getting a jealous feeling about you guys in So. Cal and Az already going prospecting. :rasberry:

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I have been sluicing when there is water witch is not often, crevicing, I have a homemade rocker 7 recirculating high banker (not much of one)But with the change in the earths gravition pull has made the rock to heavy (or am getting old?)Just got into detecting. Iwas just learning about 8 or so years ago when i came on hard times & sold my detector ..........David

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