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Old Copper Complex (Kee-Win-Aw Peninsula Michigan/Wisconsin Artifacts)

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Is there anybody else out there who has looked for these sort of artifacts in the past?

This link is highly interesting to me, perhaps it will be for some of you too. http://copperculture.homestead.com/artifactcollecting.html <--- Notice all those were found on what looks like a "plain beach"!

Now i know there are alot of rare finds happening overseas such as the roman helmet or the gold pendant found by the 3 year old (both in fields) but is it possible that on our very soil here in America there existed civilizations that we in the infant stages of our country disregarded as "savages"?

Check out these interesting finds ranging from Oklahoma to Wisconsin!







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When I'm out with my detector,I'd love to dig up some of those. Half of the fun is I never know what was left under the dirt for me to dig up confused0083[1].gif I've dug up some weird stuff over the years, a data plate off of a Cessna airplane, Gold, Brass spirals, Gold, old spanish saddle nails, Gold. You get the idea,thumbsupsmileyanim.gif I'll dig anything that beeps on my Minelabthumbsupsmileyanim.gif Dave

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