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I forgot something last time I went on a detecting trip, NOT any more.

Heres a chest 19 high 22 wide and 40 long. Used 11/32nds Ply for the chest and 5mm for the shelfs to ensure lightweight.

The top of it is just shy of 8 inches deep and has a holder for your control box, and plenty of room for everything you can throw at it.

Earphones,X-tra earphones, battery vest, Li-ion batt pack, regular full sized batterys, chargers, straps, bungees, scoops, x-tra parts, whatever you can think of theres plenty of room in the top compartment. I could even make another pre-cut groove for a VLF detector to fit on top.

The bottom has 2 side doors that snap into place letting you access from either side the 2 shelfs each 5 inches high to insure theres no pressure on the cable fitting where it exits the coil, 21 1/2 wide and 39 1/2 long allows you to slide in coils from both sides with non-skid rubber base. These 2 areas allow you to place more coils with the shafts on them than "Carter has Liver Pills" :thumbsupanim I have a 12x24 UFO, 8x15 elliptical, 11 round DD, 11 round mono, 8 mono all with shafts on them ready to pull out and use, and guess what theres ROOM for MORE in there. I build this with the capability of housing a 20 inch round coil also it fits with room for more. Just need to install a couple handles on the outside now. NO MORE S#!T ALL OVER THE PLACE. Now its all in 1 place.

It can go in the back seat of the pick-up or the bed or back of the SUV and when at home , NICE, ALL my stuff is in 1 place.

Maybe I gave some of you serious detectorists an ANSWER to the S#!T all over the place SYNDROME :whaaaa:







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NICE, ALL my stuff is in 1 place.

Maybe I gave some of you serious detectorists an ANSWER to the S#!T all over the place SYNDROME :whaaaa:


That is some mighty fine work! Could use one of those for my Bushmaster XM-15 and another for two Gold Bugs. Right now using a gun case and it could stand to be a little deeper.

Don't forget the corner protectors on that wood!


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Very nice, Frank! :thumbsupanim

Only thing I would add is to glue some 1/2" foam down around the control box, or get "cut out foan" and literally cut a snug fit surround for the box and whatever else you don't want banging around. :brows:

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Look like a great build FrankC. I thought I had it good with everything in one bag with my equipment bag for a Hockey Goalie! The equipment bag is made out of denier Nylon with all kind of handles, including backpacking straps. It measures 24" x 24" x 48". I purchased the bag on fleabay for $36 and $8 shipping. I then cut some dense foam to fit around my coils for their protection.

More Au to you, Robert

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