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Hunting Meteorites

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Howdy Gang, well a catchy title always makes for an interesting read. Last weekend I got out on Sun. and hunted GB for a few hours, poking here and there and enjoying the windy weather. I took the kids with me for a hoot, especially the young one, she wanted to hunt with 'Daddy'. Well, we hunted a few places west and east, but got the big skunk to show for it. I guess I make it look easy when I come home with my finds, after putting in 8-12 hrs. of hunting. My son knows the deal, but Caihla found out just how hard it can be. We did a bit of off-roading too and she was a bit nervous to say the least. All in all a good day hunting, with nothing to show but smiles around. Actually that makes it all the worth while to do it again...Here are a couple of pics with some OJT. Jason ;)




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You couldn't ask for anything better than spending the day with your children out in the wild, it's not about finding anything, it's about the hunt, and passing what you love to do.

Looks like they had fun, and I'm sure you will have many more happy days with your children out in the fields....!


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Aloha guys,

Hey Fred I had the same thought when I saw the pic. But then again you just got to train them young and she looks like she could probably handle the minelab pretty good.

Jason, the time spent with your kids are priceless. Before you know it she will be asking for the keys to the car and you will be wondering were all the years went. Enjoy them now!!

Great pics and it looks like you all had a great time.

Aloha and be safe.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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All, thats for the comments. Yeah, she wanted to be with Daddy on her day off, and Brayden always likes getting out and about. I guess I needed to give her the smaller coil, instead of the heavier one. My oldest daughter (13, almost 14) thinks it "work" and is asking to practice driving already... :*&$*(: It was fun day and we had a good time. Although someone needs to work on getting this 'autopilot' truck thingy going or the flying car, they were both racked on the way back before reaching Dolan Springs, while I was beat down tired. :olddude: :yuk-yuk: I guess that's is the fun of it though. Jason ;)

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Hey Jason, Great pics man!! Yea like Stan is saying, you have serval years of good hunting with them, right up till the have keys to the car and then their off with friend etc.. Looks like you had a great day!!! Good Hunting! Clifton

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