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Hey Bill

I agree with Frank. Got me thinking!!



It got me thinking also . Now my head hurts . STOP doing that !!! Joking aside I have been toying with the idea of moving my SD2200d but not as a trade up . I think that spring is a great time for machines to move what with tax returns etc. .

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Aloha Bill,

Now we see a smart businessman at work!:thumbsupanim You may just start a new trend with others in the same business, BUT you will always be remembered as THE FIRST ONE who came up with the idea. Smart business decision by helping others upgrade and also get some used equipment in good condition into newbies looking to get into this hobby but just dont have the ready cash to buy a new machine.

Keep up the good work.

Aloha and stay safe.

Stan aka Ka'imi

PS: You should be given a "metal detector recycling award" for this idea.

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Grand Idea... after talking to Snowflake about him pulling an additional 5 ozs out of a well beat area and saying it was all because of the 5000, I want one...... May have to chat with Mrs El Dorado. We are doing our best to pay off our house and she may not deem it a good idea........

Gerry up in Idaho takes trades and sells the crap out of them on Ebay..........

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Bill -This is a great idea ,especially in this economy. You'll sell a lot of new machines and bring in new first time customers .A person new to the hobby, doesn't know where to get a straight answer on a used or new detector. You're providing a much needed service and your timing is right on!! Dave

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I know for a fact that El Dorado knows his machines also..

If Snowflake had gone over that patch first with a GPX4500 and then a GPX5000 both with the same coil and then

pulled out an additional 5 oz. then I would be PMing Bro. Bill about a trade....

To late to know for sure but I'm willing to bet a beer that El D. could have done the same thing with his

antique GPX4500 if he had been there first!!!!

Is Snowflake Irish???

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Clearly 25% of our sales were trade(1980-2000) ins and utilized them as rental units also. Folks rented and then bought and all were happy and righteously profitable --by the 1,000's of units throughout the years. We were able to reduce security deposits by half since lower costs and if units stolen well then no big deal as rentals paid for the trade in values too-cool-John :whoope:

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