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When I run my Keene 12 volt puffer I shovel directly onto the grizzly and let it do the classifying for me. It will happily move all rocks that will pass the grizzly along with the processed dirt with no help from me or further classifying. Classifying my gravels before running my dirt just takes too much time out of the production having to handle the dirt twice to get cons...

When I use the sluice I just pull out the big rocks and run the rest through.

But that is just how I do it.

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If I'm digging a long distance from the water source, and carrying a couple 5 gal. buckets back and forth. I will use a 1/2" screen and get rid of the larger rocks (after a careful inspection). If I'm able to, I will shovel right into the grizzly.Good luck. Dave

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From what I've always been told and what I do and seems to work well for me is too classify to 4 to 5 times of the size of the gold in the area your working and check the results in your sluice, if you're only getting 30 mesh and smaller gold ideally classifying to 2 to 3 times the size of the gold will give you better results, the reason behind this is if you have gravel that is heavier than the gold the gravel wins and you lose gold because the heavier gravel will tend to knock smaller gold out of the sluice, when the gravel is 4 to 5 times the size of the gold the gold will be heavier in almost all cases and the gold will win and stay in your sluice because of gold having a specific gravity 19.3 and most gravels/rocks have a specific gravity of around 2.5 to 4.5.

Now that being said you then have to compare the amount of gold you're getting when classifying and then run some material by only removing the bigger rocks by hand and compare the gold you're getting, then do the math, is the time spend classifying getting more gold per time sluicing compared to just removing large rocks by hand.

It all comes down to time versa gold recovered, sometimes it better to lose a little gold out the end of your sluice by not classifying, then at other times if you're in a great area you will do better classifying.


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if you carry buckets a distance classify down to a quarter inch or even three eighth.

i would suggest you get a cheap metal detector and you can run it over the rocks you throw out every now and again, looking at them it usually a waste of time as mostly the rocks in the desert are coated with clay and i have found a few small nuggets in the rock tailings which were undistingushable until the beeper beeped on them and i rinsed them off with water. and its extremely rare to fine these nuggets so just try to run as much material as you can over all.

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