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Back in the early 90's I was living in an Airstream trailer on Jackass Flats in the San Domingo Placers of AZ. I did this for about 8 months with my wife and daughter. Yes she stuck with it that long :inocent: while I struggled to be able to just feed us running my drywasher and detecting. I had to give it a try after I found over 6 ounces in a bench one afternoon on a Roadrunner Claim. I figured it would be easy money so sold our land in AJ and became prospectors.... :tisk-tisk:

Anyway back then with gold at around 350.00 an ounce I had to find areas to be able to make at least 50.00 a day to be profitable! That meant with gold at about 12 dollars a gram I needed an area able to produce about 5 grams a day... I was able to find a few, but most were 1 to 3 grams a day so I would move elsewhere for "better" gold. Worst yet the price was falling steadily at that time from the 1980 prices over 600.00 an ounce and by 2000 it was again down to 272.00 per ounce...

So now here we are with the gold price at 1402.60 and a gram of gold worth 45.24 a gram... :spinnin:

Now it isn't like I forgot where all my spots were at LSD and elsewhere and I have sure been having fun drywashing along with my metal detecting and a few hours shoveling can bring a gram or better and all day digging actually pays! The gold looks the same as it did years ago, same weight, but the value? Our dollar is in deep do-do my friends...

Gold has not changed at all to make it worth more since it was 19.00 an ounce in 1800 now has it?

With the recent rain it is back to full time detecting until the dirt dries in a month or so, but I am also doing a little sampling while in some of my favorite beeping areas, something I have not really done for years but today seems a good idea.

I think gold and silver will still feed my family even when our dollar will not... :eee:

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Back in the early 90's I was living in an Airstream trailer on Jackass Flats

Amazing. 10 or 12 years later along came Slim & an exuberant pup named Nugget. Beers with Blake...

Nowadays I hear you don't dare leave your rig unguarded at Jackass Flats.

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Back in '85 I was diving on an 8" dredge on the Klamath, and for several reasons partners and I weren't making ends meet. Along came the wife, pointed to E. Idaho and said "That's where the money is! Go back to pipefitting"

We're still married because I said "OK".

Now I'm retired and headed back to the Klamath this spring, and the pressure is off! I even have the wife's blessing. She's coming too!

You know, I don't 'have' to find gold to 'make it', and that might be the very key to finding it this time around.

A little or a lot, whatever amount comes to hand will be just right! I got all the time to enjoy it!

Of course, a lot..... would be better!

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Back in '91 I spent 3 months on the Klamath river in between jobs. A little gold coupled with no spending I was doing well. The most fun was 2 young ladies my age rafting downriver...the 10 mile hike upstream back to the truck wasnt even a bother:)

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Bill you are so right! Back in those early 90.s I was trying different things, went from the big money offshore oil fields to self employed and hit the road asap, thought dredging in the Klamath was easy after the Clearwater and Salmon in Idaho, then gravitated to the deserts of Yuma and Stanton and then northern Baja and the gold was the same every where, after 5 long years back in Texas raising a grand child from birth to 5 it was back to the southern AZ/ Northern Baja deserts for racing and gold, then it was back to work for another 6 years and right at almost 600K more over the road miles in 40 something states & Canada. I still have my first 2.2 gram nugget, my first 1/4 Oz nugget etc, we all wish we had all we had sold over the years back to sell at 1400 plus!

You are also right about the LSD still having the gold, I always try to help the newbies that genuinely want to learn so recently I passed a location on to one who only had a short time to prospect and wanted to find something to convince his wife to make the life style change, usually I never hear from them again but this time he wrote me back later and said he was successful at the area I recommended, actually I was surprised, I had warned him it was a double trashy old camp area, some judicious dry washing would pay there.

I am asked in this time of high gold prices if you can make a living prospecting? I tell them its an expensive addiction to fun! If you have the equipment they have on that TV show and the know how to run it go for it!

The picture attached is for Prospector Craig, 360 oz one month clean up of the trommel he sent me the picture of! This was before his time!


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