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My first 3 Meteorites

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hi my name is Teridible i usually spend my time in the field rock-hounding but i've recently decided to start detecting i got extremely lucky this past weekend with frank c and bunk and detected not just one but three meteorites so heres a picture of them 66, 20.5,and a 52.5 gram pieces.

Now i can't wait to find my first nugget.


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Aloha Teri,

Awesome first time finds! BUT then again you were with a couple of guys who really know what they are doing. BTW, you forgot to mention Franks Uncle Marvin or did he not make the trip.:tisk-tisk:

Looks like a couple of space rocks from the Gold Basin area or am I just guessing?:inocent:

Once again, congratulations on your first finds. Now go out and find some GOLD!!!!:ROFL:

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Congratulation on some great finds. Thanks for sharing them with us. Those nuggets are out there waiting for you, just keep looking.

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thank you everyone for your support of a newbie. thank you Stan yes those are gold basin meteorites from my friends private land. also Marvin was there but frank and him were having a squabble and marvin would'nt get out of the truck.to bad the weather is going to suck this weekend because i'm ready for some more great swingin, and as you can see MARVIN'S COUSIN IS HERE TO HELP.


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Teri, Great finds anytime, but for your first finds outstanding!!!! No Way, can this be, Marvin's cousin is joining the hunt!! He will probably have the same nack for finding meteorite as Marvin, which certianly makes it harder for the rest of us. A gold nugget next huh, Good Luck!!! Clifton

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