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clear water pump for dregde

charles vance

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I see that Harbor Frieght has a clear water pump real cheap.It has a 2 1/2 opening and does about 260 gph.Can I use this since it has a 2 1/2 hose too pick up small gravel as my dregde.Thanks

You Don't want any gravel going threw your pump And 260 per hour is not going to work for a suction dredge.
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You cant pump solids through a clear water pump if that is your idea. That is why a suction dredge uses a jet flare.

If you want to pump slurry through a pump you need a special type of pump. It wont be cheap but it will pump a heck of a lot more head (elevation) than a venturi (jet flare). It would be more cost effective to rent a trash pump for a few days use than to buy one.

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