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What little time I can get out because of the rain and then fight the heavy foliage is sure a tiring problem so...

today went back to my old thoughts of beeping old pushes for a few little fellas...went to an area only a couple

hundred yards from where I was three weeks ago on the beach(lake)...this area is very hilly and I haven't been

in there for quite a few years...to my surprise the area of pushes is hugh...I think over 50 acres of pushes...

So fired up the GP4000 with my Coiltek Joey mono...hunted for 50 minutes in the "Patch" mode...found my first

little fellar about 2" down....then switched to the "Deep" mode...and hour later got another yellow boy...filled

in the hole(almost 1" deep)and snagged the third one of the day only one foot from that hole....

Had a lot of skunks in the corral but feels good to have three less...

Three little yellow guys for a grand total of (drum roll)almost half a gram at .4gr!!!! The smallest one didn't even

register on my scales....

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