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Put down the Shot Gun and Get some Crows!


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Here ya go! Get a Crow or Two or Three!


Cute kid. Must be nice to have enough money that your biggist worry for 10-years is saving crows.. :rolleyes: Any kid that grew up on a farm or beach knows how smart crows and seagulls are.. Am I bitter or what? :zip-lip: :yuk-yuk: Terry

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True story...

Back in the 80's there was a lot of heavy drug smuggling going on in New Mexico. The Juarez cartel was "King of the Skies" and flew over 500 airlplanes in a huge smuggling operation. At one point about 1985 there was a crackdown, and the cartels were looking for alternative ways to smuggle.

There was a fellow in Deming that had pigeons and a big aviary out by the Floridas. He would take boxes of pigeons across at Palomas into Mexico and meet with some guys on the road just a few kilometers south of the town. They would load the birds with a couple of grams each in little vials on their legs and release them. By the time the guy could get back home they had crossed several ounces of product.

They did this for years. When the birds had carried a few pounds someone would come by the guys house and get it and take it to market.

One sunny September afternoon a person hunting dove near Deming shot a grey pigeon. It had a couple of grams of cocaine strapped to his leg. Within about a week there were a dozen fellows spread out shooting pigeons like they were going out of style coming across that border. Before too long the BP got wise and started inspecting the hunters. Not long after that the fellow with the aviary was arrested.

Now you cant take birds into Mexico. The big deal is smuggling parakeets into the US from Mexico. Go figure.

Poultry power man!

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