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Arrowhead photos

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great finds! those clear ones are cool. especially all being full unbroken arrowheads. are the ones you have pictured a collection of your best or are you just great at finding the full ones? when i picked up some land in utah in 2007 i was finding so many i started to just take pics after keeping the first 50 or so. some times you get into them thick out in the field, but most ive found have broken tips, probably why they where left. Some of my personal favorites are the obsidian with the deep reds running through them. I have most of mine sitting in my camper up on the property, i need to get them all together and take a pic. ill be sure to post when i do.


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Heres one i found, happened to have the pic on my phone. i know some areas that always produce and are littered with them, but its aspecially cool when your in a completely new area and find one. the first always reminds you to really keep yours eyes open..


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