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Need some expert advise of what I've ran into. My location is my farm in Western North Carolina, South Mountain gold belt. In a previous topic "Prospecting for Rubies & Sapphires" I had mention finding corundum on my farm most of it being in the larger creek that ran thru my farm except for one small one I found while panning for maybe one hour or so in a feeder branch upstream from where I found all of the corundum. Well yesterday I decided to go back to the branch and check it out a little closer. In an area about 2 ft. square I worked with a shovel, screen classifier and a gold pan. I worked down thru typical quartz rocks, etc and thru a little gray to blue clay and farther down in the rocks & gravel and found a couple pieces of epidote, one or two small pieces of corundum and a little gold and had the typical black sand. I only had on rubber boots and wanted to look a little deeper so I went back to my cabin and got my post hole diggers and proceeded to go a little deeper. When I got a little deeper maybe 2 1/2 to 3 ft. below level of stream I was getting a super amount of little gold flakes of mica and got another piece of corundum and a little more gold. As I was panning it out naturally all the mica just floated away but the heavy sand in the bottom was a dark green, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first but it really was green. I've been panning in the streams off and on for 8-10 years and never encountered this before. I brought some of the material home and looked at it under the microscope and it was green crystals, mostly the color of peridot with some a real dark green, it also had a few red garnets, rubies and some lemon, orange, yellow colored along with your typical quartz, maybe a little clear topaz or zircon. Will be going back today, Lord willing and take my hip waders and try to go a little deeper, will keep posting on results. If someone has ran into this before, tell me what this may be.



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Thanks Bill: You could be right on this, I went back today and dug a little more and pulled up clusters of the green crystals mixed with the yellow mica. I also found a little more gold and one larger purple looking piece of corundum.

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