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Vacuum set up?


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I have a 2500 watt generator and several shop vacs. I did see a fellow using that set up to vacuum dirt in a wash out of the bedrock. The vacuum's I have come with a paper filter and a foam one. I was thinking of the foam filter and I can rinse it out during the clean up. Or should I use a filter at all. Anyone use this set up?

Any pointers?

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it should work fine with just the foam filter, just bang it out to clean it. i use a homemade one out of a leaf blower

and it does fine with no filter i even use it to clean bedrock under water.


How do you have the gas vac set up to use with vacuuming in the water?

Are you using a standard leaf blower set-up and drawing (some of) the water thru the blower, or are you using a Y set-up?

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no problem not much water spray comes out only when it tips over on me. run then dump it out when full. You will know when its full when lots of water shoots out.remember to use a smaller hose for snipping or you wont get enough suction.I dont use mine for dredging just snipping.

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Has any body try one of the cyclone dust colector add-on like the ones used in woodshops? To save the inpelor on a leaf blower, or the foam filter on a shop vac.

More Au to you, Robert



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SGTFDA, A filter of any kind would clog up in a matter of seconds. Please dont use a filter man, unless you want to spend the day cleaning filters for no reason.

The setup you want to use is fine but a Gas Vacuum is much more practical, and you can take it on a hike.

Catch ya later....

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