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Weekend at the Basin

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Spent a couple days at Gold Basin and was able to turn up a nice 153 grammer along with 2 smaller pieces on our Goldenrite Claim.

I was using a coiltek 11" round mono and had a quick faint signal while swinging along at a fair pace so I stopped and slowed down the swing over the area and decided to dig.

As I removed an inch or so the signal improved and then as many more inches where taken off a little at a time I started to think I had a great SLUG OF GOLD waiting at the end of the dig turned out to be this nice piece. The sound fooled me and I was dreaming of BIG GOLD. Quite a hole was dug to retrieve it.




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Awesome!!! Congrats!!!:thumbsupanim

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Aloha Frank,

Awesome find out at GB. Too bad it was ONLY a meteorite tho.:baaasmiley: Just imagine, if that was a chunk of gold we wouldn't be hearing from you for a while. I will be stopping by Docs shortly to pick up my signal enhancer amp for my SD2200 so you better put Uncle Marvin on notice. Hopefully I will have as much luck with the minelab as I have had with my GMT in the past. Plus I will be bringing my own "secret weapon" along for the ride to Franconia this saturday.:inocent:

Hope to see you out there.

Aloha and now go find some gold.

Stan aka Ka'imi :olddude:

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