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Saturdays outing

Scott W.

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Hi All

As you guys know we got out with some good friends, not everybody could make it missed a good time, and Gold. Next time im sure. :thumbsupanim

John B bought Dinner again. it cost him $50,000 :inocent:

Everybody that found gold said they would post.

Here is my four. enjoy

I wish I knew how to spell saturday :whaaaa: :olddude:

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Had a great time also... Scott, Mike ang Gary, very good job finding those nuggets today. :arrowheadsmiley: For some reason when I'm hunting John B. I can't find a nugget! :unsure: Well here's what John B. and I got today! :olddude:

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Hi All

Ouch :mellow: !!! I was spanked :whaaaa: !! So was Russ :rasberry: !! But I got out cheep :hmmmmm: . I didn't have to buy breakfast :shrug: !! I saved at least 50 Gs :) !! Well at least I'm smart enough to bring batteries for my beeper :nutty: . You see Scotty with out them you would have found the same thing Russ and I did, diddlysquat :( !! The only plus for no batteries is you dont dig sooo much trash :unsure: !! I had a great time, all you guys are a hoot :D !! Next time lets hunt further south where the diggen takes days it'll slow Scotty down a bit and give us a chance :rolleyes: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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