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Good Areas in Arizona

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My 6 year old son loves rocks. Can anyone give me an area that we may have some luck finding some cool looking rocks/minerals? Not asking for any secret locations, but just a general area. We live close to the San Tan mountains and Peralata mountains. Anything worth finding in these areas?


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If you are looking for minerals, you might want to try http://www.mindat.org Do a search for your location to see what comes up.

If you are looking for agates,etc - look at this website to see what can be found in Arizona. The only place I have been to is Burro Creek and that was but for an hour or so and didn't collect anything. Did see some other peoples findings though. Really nice material can be found here but it's a very large area and the farther you get away from the main area, the better chances of finding something.


Here's a field guide to Arizona for gems and others.



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