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Gold Trap Methods on Ebay

charles vance

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Hi has anybody see the ad in ebay for Gold Trap Mining Methods for 422.00.He states that it traps gold with easy methods and never before release.He states he will only sale so many.I will never pay for it at that price.He's more likely downloaded it off the internet.I wish I can find these for a good price.Ebay has a lot of crooks on it,from sellers selling gold mining tool plans downloaded free for here too selling claims in the US for 2000,that you can get for free from BLM LR2000.Sorry for the bitching!!


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Welcome to the forum!! :thumbsupanim

This guy is just "Mining the Miners"!!

Do some research on how and where gold is trapped in a stream/rivers, and then use your head to devise "gold traps" of your own, this subject comes up from time to time and many people have some good ideas for these types of devises, the only drawback is that you would have to leave the traps in the stream during flood season or two for any gold to move and get trapped, and the chances are that your trap would be moved and gone as well, if floods can move big boulders they will surely move anything you put in.

Granted there maybe some if well thought out that may stay in place and trap gold, one type I have heard of is to cut riffles in the bedrock and after a good flood season or two come back and clean out the riffles with conventional methods if someone hasn't already clean out your trap, but that a lot of work and most streams have natural riffles.

I would rather spend my time getting gold the old fashion way.


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Welcome Charles,

I agree with the other 2 and gold is moved in large quantities only during raging floods that tear out banks and churn the gravels to bedrock and any gizmo we could put in place would also be moved by the raging waters.

Beware of those selling dreams, magical recovery devices, claims to supplement your retirement, or any other "Easy" way to find gold.

ALWAYS hire someone to evaluate a claim or do it yourself before purchase.

We may get lucky now and then doing this, but don't confuse that with easy :arrowheadsmiley:

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