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Although in some areas the State will not bother recreational folks as long as they buy a permit to use and park on State Trust land in most areas prospecting or mineral removal is not permitted and in some cases I have seen vehicles ticketed or folks asked to leave.

There are a few spots though that State officials seem to ignore as long as common since is used and locals still work, but few and far between...

Actual claims can be filed on State land if the proper permits etc. to do mineral exploration are acquired and one submit a reclaim bond for a total of over 5000.00 I think or in that ball park anyway.

General drive up and start drywashing or detecting activities are not generally allowed though here in AZ on ANY State Trust Lands.

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Will someone please update me if state land is open to prospecting without a lease? I seem to recall

that you had to have one to do so but thats been a long time back. May have read it wrong.

You have to have deep pockets just to get a permit to prospect. Without a permit you aren't even to walk on state trust lands.aztrustlands.html

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Geez thats a lot of money to get started. These days the states need more revenue so I would expect them to go after miners a little bit more unfortunately.

I have not had any problems in California except for no dredging. However i do miss it a lot.

Where would one get a permit to mine in arizona? Fish and game?

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