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A Virgin in Tucson

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Hi All

Our very own Jayray got to see some sites and blow his bank roll at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show :whaaaa: . It was hard slowing him down but I tried my hardest :unsure: !! He got to meet and hang with some of our celebrities The Meteorite men and icons ( Steve and Geoff) Peiter and Debra Heydelaar, Sonny Clarey, Ruben Garcia, Twink Monrad, and many other dealers and hunters :wubu: :wubu: . I just hope his wife don't kick his azz too bad :scare: ?? I had a great time Jason :shrug: . Happy Huntin John B.

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Hey John!

Very nice meeting you. I just reviewed the video and it turned out really good. I think JayRay, Wendy and myself received an education of a lifetime this weekend. It is going to take me 6 months or more just to process all the info.

Thank you for the talk, I could clearly see you talk from close to your heart and I felt the emotion. Very much enjoyed it.

And lookie here....there is one and it's for you...love0029[1].gif


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Howdy Folks,

First and foremost, let me say, John B. is one hell of a tour guide, and he can cook a mean steak!!! :wubu: His hosting abilities were awesome. Did I mention he can cook a steak? This was my first trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, with only a few hopes of buying some meteorites, meeting some of the folks I have only read about, and having a good time. John fulfilled all of those and then some.

I arrived Friday afternoon and immediately hit the Hotel Tucson, because the bulk of meteorite dealers were there. I got a chance to see Anne Black's and Geoff Notkin's rooms, shared some stories and gave away a small, micro Franconia iron to Ann Del Ray for her photo expose'. I met Pieter Heydelaar and his fantastic collection of gold, which was amazing. :whaaaa: We went to E.T. meteorites, and visited Larry Sloan, who stated that the one meteorite I found at Franconia was in his opinion a Buck Mountain 01. john took me to a few more dealers prior to calling it a day and cooked a fine steak dinner for Sweet Pea and me. John provided a good lesson about collecting gold and meteorites and soon it was off to the Birthday Bash. We made it to the tail-end of the BB, chatting with a few people, and I got the meet Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin. Rubin and Jim were there doing the webcast thing and did an excellent job with broadcasting the BB to the world. John and I chatted with Jim and Wendy outside after the BB, due to the bongo drums and called it a night for Day one, heading back to Johns place, where we watched an episode of Gold Rush, chatting about how these guys made it so far with their limited experience. Both of us had a few chuckles during the show. The accommodations were excellant and I slept with ease.

Day two proved to be better that the first, hitting a majority of the meteorite dealers and I got a chance to do some walking. We hit the Moroccans tent, Mike Miller and Blaine Reeds room, Erich Haiderer's room, where I got my first Lunar meteorite and some other goodies :thumbsupanim . I met Gary Fujihara, Eric Wichman, and Michael Blood, talked with Ben and Erik, Sonny, Ruben, and many others I'm forgetting I'm sure. If I met you and don't remember, I apologize for that, it was a bit overwhelming. The evening concluded with the talk that John gave about Gold Basin, and did an excellant job of sharing the passion and enthusiasm for hunting the field, plus he showed some of his gold that got in the way while hunting for meteorites . All of those involved with the GB discovery were there and John shared his stories and memories about Jim Kriegh hunting the field, and his passion for the work they got to do together. Next was Michael Blood's auction, where the 'real' hunting began. I think I only bid twice, since I was on a budget, but had my sights on other things for Sunday. A fun time was had by all in attendance. The hit of the night was Twink Monrad's Gold Basin cake and really hit the spot :rolleyes: . We ended the evening about midnight and I wore John out for sure :olddude: .

Day three stared like day two, off to the Moroccan's tent again to look for some good stuff. While there, we ran into Sonny, Ben and Erik looking for the same thing, some of the rare stuff. I found some nice pieces of UNWA's, half round pieces and some with some neat regs. I also got a GAO to add to the collection, not to mention a few other things and some fire agate. Thanks for that John. Unfortunately, I had to depart the show around 4pm, but for the last hour or two we went back to the Hotel Tucson and roamed the rooms for a final haul. We found one dealer that had a nice collection of meteorites, but didn't want to part them out. He really could have made more money if he did so, but I got two nice little stones that need further investigation for possible achondrites. One of the coolest rooms was the florescence room, with all the neat displays of phosphorescence glowing in a completely darkened room. At that point it was time to go, and had to the airport.

All in all I had a blast and can't thank John B. for awesome time down at Tucson. If you ever have the chance to go, I encourage you to go and experience yourself. I only wish I had more time, more money, and more knowledge about meteorites. There were a lot of cool things there, but the main focus was meteorites. The fossils were totally cool too. I am already planning my next trip to Tucson, God willing and the creek don't rise. Enjoy, Jason. ;)

Here is a link, if it works of the pictures I took while attending Tucson 2011.


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Hey Jayray-

I figured you would have a great time in Tucson since it was the first trip. :) Really amazing sight for a newcomer with everything to see and do. :spinnin: Figured you would enjoy the florescence room. ;) I am planning a trip out west for the fall of this year and a trip to Tucson next year. :) Hope to meet you and many more. :)

Thanks for posting the pictures. I really enjoyed browsing through them.


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Dag nabbit Jay, I AM going to make it down there next year , I've been wanting to go for a few years now but just could'nt swing the trip.

You got me pumped up. And for me its always a blast to listen to John B.

Great write up thanks.

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And Jason, thanks a bunch for carrying in the Gold Basin chocolate sheet cake weighted down with 12 Gold Basin meteorites buried for folks to find in their cake just before the auction started.

I was afraid I would drop it in the parking lot and cause a hunting/finding frenzy! And of course John B. would find the most...

Twink Monrad

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Hi Jason,

I do know one thing; you could not have had a better

host/tour guide than JohnB. He has the gift of gab, the golden touch and an unbeatable sense of humor.

I hope to make that show one day, it sounds like a great time.

Thanks for the report.


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Hi All

Wow Jayray with a right up like that I'll have all kinds of friends next year :hmmmmm: . I think one of the stones you bought is a winner but don't worry I won't tell Ruben, Ben , Erick or Jim where they came from :unsure: . For a guy on vacation you sure worked hard as a camera man and meteorite cake hauler :shrug: . Geeze I'm still recovering from the hiking and stair climbing we did :olddude: . Don't worry after feeding the Studmuffin twins a few times you were a cheap date :hahaha: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Steve, Thanks for that, it was a fun time. Hope to hunt with you in the fall.

Frank, I kept saying that I wanted to go, but until you do, it's just not the same. What a great adventure and a guide. Although, I need to work on my negotiation skills a bit more before next year :zip-lip: :inocent: .

Twink, It was my pleasure to help out, and a mighty fine cake it was at that. I also wanted to say 'Nice job' on the jewelry. :)

Flak, yeah I knew that the moment he said he would host me. I was hanging on his coat tails every minute. But I definitely gave him a run for his money...He'll have to go out and do some detecting prior to me coming next year to build up that endurance :hahaha:

John, I'm hoping so, but need to brush up on the various types and study a bit more for next year. I'm trying to come up with ways to make it four days now... Just might be sick with the flu or something for that week... :shhhhh: :ph34r2:

Jason ;)

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