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Looking for a new way to get into remote areas?


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Saw the interview with the inventor yesterday..Only $100,000 ... Hell, that's less than 100 ounces ... Think we all should buy one... :thumbsupanim Cheers, Unc

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Can't take it to Califuznuts...probably illegal there.

Those types of aircraft are usually relagated by zip codes . It's based on population mostly . As I understand it you can fly in the middle of nowhere BUT not in the middle of town . Before I retired I had a dispatcher that was a Flight Instructor . I told him I was thinking of getting one and keeping it at a small airport in Orange County CA (Fullerton) and flying to AZ with it . He told me that the fuel might be a problem as well as the fact that the airport I was thinking about was in a populated area so they were not allowed . BUT if you kept it in a remote area and flew in a remote area you might be OK . If you do any research on this please advise since I'm still thinking . The small ones have a lawnmower engine so the price is "relatively" low .

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And $70,000 of it must be for product liability insurance. :inocent: :hmmmmm: ;)


If your hand slipped off the control handle it could be a crazy landing & could hurt alot . . . ! :tisk-tisk:


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