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Modifying a blower drywasher into a puffer type...


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Hi all,

I have been thinking about the possibility of modifying a blower

drywasher, and making into a puffer type...

First of all, most blowers are made of sheet metal, which would be light,

and should wear well, I would think.

I think it might be possible, then a guy would have the best of both drywasher methods.

The think that bothers me about the blower type is the noise, fuel, and issues that can go

along with a blower motor on occasion.

The thing that appeals to me about a puffer is the simplicity and the relative quiet of

the operation, would be battery powered.

Along this line, I have thought about modding a Gold Buddy into a puffer. Question about the GOLD BUDDY:

Do they have fans? I can't seem to get any answers from anyone who sells them, and there are

none available for sale up here in my part of the country, so I can take a look. I think some blower type drywashers have fans for some reason, maybe vibration???

**I guess I should add that my mod would not modify any part of the bottom of the blower type machine, leaving the blower hose connector in place, etc.

The only thing different would be an addition of a hinged puffer/bellows apparatus, utilizing the hose hole to receive the bellows driven air supply.

Lastly there could be small a electric motor to drive either a belt driven wheel or an electric gear drive to actuate the bellows arrangement.

Anyway if anyone would kindly jump into this, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!


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Howdy Largo... how ya' been?... This has been done by adding a "poppet valve" to the underside of the constant air blower. Pat Keene at Keene Engineering or his dad may have some information on this... Also the late Ted at Gold King was considering it

I once... back in the 1970's had some specifications on the adaption; but my information is now lost in the "Sands of Time." But the experimentation/success was rather limited. And you would still be using the blower...

Puffers can tend to vibrate... likely due to the shaft on the upstroke/downstroke bellows action... Sam Radding has a book of plans that are most helpful.

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Howdy Largo,

Actually the Keene V2 12volt puffer and the Keene 140 blower incorporate almost the same box and grizzly the latter simply having a hose intake attached at the puffers air intake hole as well as the blower being solid mounted to the frame as opposed to the hanging spring and chain. So it can indeed be done with it appears much difficulty and would require attaching a bellows somehow after removing the fan.



I actually do sell Jobe products and they own Gold Buddy now I also have Keene and many other products or anything you find in the Lifestyle Store Catalog. I sell these products by mail order only as I do not stock most of them here at my store.


I think it would be easier to buy 2 good used ones... :unsure:

Good luck with your project and good to see you back around...

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