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Inside versus Outside Corner


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I have been real busy lately and have not done any posting or prospecting. However, something has been bothering me since my last trip out in the desert when I found all the garnets.

I came upon a wash, which had lots of black sand deposits and visible on the surface, but they were on the outside bend rather than on the inside bend. Text book says inside bend, and this has me pretty confused and perplexed. Why would heavier matierals get dropped off or deposited on the outside bend?

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Old Rule still applies.

Your Black sands traveling at a high rate of speed was washed up on the outside high water mark.

Drop out zone would still be the inside to the most parts.

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:eee: Desert gullywashers do not follow the same laws of physics that a constant flow produces in either composition or flow. Just like any river with a dam ruins the flows and disrupts the rules a thumb. #1 rule a mining is GOLD IS WHERE YA FIND IT so sample sample sample it's called prospecting-John :D

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