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Quick Highbanker Question


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I just picked up a smaller used Proline Highbanker combo and I wanted to ask what angle do you want to set it at when running material through it. Does anyone have a rough idea or a picture of the correct angle? Thanks

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Hi Jesse,

This advice on running a Proline highbanker was sent to a Proline owner by Jeff of Proline, this advice was for a 3" highbanker setup as a dredge and a highbanker, but this is how I setup my Proline 2" combo and it works great, copy and print it out so you can have it with you until you learn the setup.

"I don't know who's talking about 8 to 10 degrees, but even that's way, way too steep. You're going the wrong direction in your set up and it's easy to see why your recovery is being negatively effected. You need to ignore whoever you've been listening to and completely start over. They probably don't own a Proline anyway. Here's a very simple, very effective way to establish a starting point for sluice box angle when dredging.

When you set the sluice box into the water for dredging, adjust the rear crosspiece (the one running under the riffles) so that it is just touching the water in the creek all the way across. You're using the water as a level to ensure that the unit isn't leaning to the left or the right.

Next, go to the front of the unit and adjust the front crosspiece (the one under the hopper) so that it is 1'' above water level. This equates to roughly 1 degree of sluice box angle, and is the correct starting location for dredging. The corrected sluice box angle can only be determined after running quite a bit of material through the dredge.

With the dredge running, go back and inspect the riffle system. If you can clearly see the blue Miner's Moss, decrease the sluice box angle slightly. On the other hand, if you can't see any blue at all, you'll want to slightly increase the sluice box angle. I use the word ''slightly'' because you'll learn that this machine really responds to small adjustments.

By the way, you'll want to run your engine/pump assembly at least 2/3 to 3/4 throttle when you're running the combo as a dredge. Remember that you always want to see the upper third of the riffles exposed when you're running the unit, period.

When highbanking, run the engine at FULL THROTTLE. You can't put too much water through the sluice box when highbanking because the only water you're getting at this point is coming out of the spray bar and doesn't even come close to the water flow you have when dredging.

Running the engine at full throttle gives you the necessary water flow and more importantly, the pressure required for effectively breaking up dry, dense bank run material. You'll want to start off with 2'' of sluice box angle over the entire length of the box, not per foot like some guys out there are running. Again, this is a starting point. As with dredging, you'll have to adjust for the conditions under which you're working. We're basically talking about how much heavy black sand is present where you're working. Remember to always run the unit as flat as the conditions will allow, consistent with keeping the upper third of the riffles exposed.

It's really unfortunate that there's so much bad advice circulating out there. Some people think that you have to turn the throttle down on every machine and that's the secret to improving gold recovery on everything from a hand sluice box to a 10'' dredge. They never stop to think that just maybe the manufacturer has done a little testing over the years.

Your 3'' combo has the largest standard sluice box in the industry, it has triple classification, it is equipped with true Hungarian riffles, and it has Miner's Moss for the entire length of the riffle system. By the way, flattening out the sluice box and turning up the throttle produces a controlled back pressure in the hopper, and creates a low-pressure area the other builders dream about having.

Best regards, Jeff Kuykendall."


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The orginal owners sons who now owns proline told me what skip said hi-banking run full throttle with the water level to almost the top of the sides

dredge he said put the back or hose entanece end at the top of the water the front end exit end of the water and material just in the water

dredging run the throttle at the speed the least you can and still get good suction and flow increase throttle rpm as need the DEEPER OR FARTHER AWAY from the unit the more throlle you will need to keep the same suction and flow

I hope this helps if you still have questions call proline direct they are vary helpful


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Oregon. And thanks It is hard work but it is really fun. The pictures make it look better than it really is. I was surprised how much more gold is "in" the water. I always just sluiced. I have a really good spot that has probably not been touched for 50yrs.

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